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so what is "Ducking Butts" :)

How will you be going down the river? Canoe - paddle boat - skis?

Have a great and wonderful!


I loved Juno! Thanks for playing, hope you have fun this weekend :-)

Linda at 2nd cup

Great Fill-ins. What is this lazy river thing? Is that code for something else, or are you just an iconoclastic Osmond fan ["Down by the Lazy River."] I know you're too young for Osmania, but I just wondered. I have to say that it cracked me up to see Nancy Leigh DeMoss listed in your sidebar because you seem kinda edgy, at least for Nancy Leigh DeMoss. (I'm trying to be clever, not offensive!) Thanks for stopping by my place.


Yeah I wanna know what 'ducking butts' is as well! Sounds interesting!

haven't seen Juno yet!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

JLS Hall

I agree completely with your answer to #2 - I hate that, too! And I guess we all want to know what "Ducking Butts" is.


I just love that lounger... especially under the full moon! Sorry about that toilet seat thing. I know it makes you "Ducking Butts!" Looking forward to tubing with you down that lazy river. 429!


I like your #5 and yes, Juno is a beautiful movie. Happy weekends!

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