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Love your blog! Great since of humor! :) I checked it out after you left the comment on my bag.... it does seem a bit silly to spend so much on something I could buy cheaper, but where is the fun in that!? ha ha!


yarn purchases! your back baby!


I am glad you came by my blog to visit. Living in south Texas you would not want to knit a sweater in the heat and humidity. I like lots of little projects for summer.


Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.Love your blog.
I am coveting the Harmony needles from Knitpicks too.They are so pretty!
Oh and I LOVE shelling peas!Not more than knitting but its up there.I know weird.

J. Denae

OOOOOhhhhh.... yarn pron!! I am about 2/3 through my first Clapotis and I love it. I have been trying not to place orders online and those needles have been tempting me to no end!


Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! Look at that pretty yarn - I've always wanted to try the Andrean Silk, but haven't yet had a project for it.

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