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Hey there, Girlfriend!

Thanks so much for the socks, and for letting me help you show them off to all of your cyber-friends in this "underground sub-culture" of knitters. You are so talented. As for the chest full of yarn? Maybe one day the 8th kid will learn how to knit and make something out of it. What's his/her name, again??? 429!!!



HEY HEY! It was so good to hear from you on my blog, and it's nice to have you back to yours! I thought you were gone forever! What a year you've had and I didn't skim I read the whole thing! And your guitar socks are awesome! :)


Thanks for checking out my blog. After checking out yours I have come to two conclusions... 1. You are brave and I salute you. 2. You should just give in and turn Miss Pinky into a nice lace-type scarf (not warm but decorative)Happy Trails!

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