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Secret Pal

Ohhhh that is some good porn! A little dribble of drool escaped my mouth as I was looking at it.
Sorry your day is so shitty - is it trying to get all of the Halloween costumes together cause I could see how that good make one a bit cranky toward the entire world.
The son adorable, the scarf great (love the pattern), and the hat story fantastic - appreciation does make it all worth it! (Sorry, I'm rushing, I'm totally goofing off at work to say hi because I too am at wits end right now!)

Secret Pal

"could", not good, what a weird Freduian slip


Great color choices! The boy is as cute as can be. :-) My son would tell him he's really sorry to hear he lives in a house with that many girls. LOL He has 2 sisters and would like to pull his hair out some days.


OOO now I wish I participated in that coop!

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