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I'll have to check out that book website.

I love those cute socks you made!


ZOOBA ZOOBA ZOOBA! I love Zooba.. $9.95 a book? how can you go wrong?


I think I have bought every knitting book they have on Zooba. Now I am just waiting for them to add new stock... well they ever? It's been some time...


Ha ha! I'm a big library lover too! I hate paying full price for books! I'll have to check out this Zooba...


I'm so envious of all your wonderful Zooba books! Unfortunately, they don't offer their services in Canada :0(


Can I also recommend AC Moore coupons? There is a weekly coupon for 40% off any single item. The coupon is widely accepted by Rag Shop and Michaels.
I have picked up several recent books in this method and usually around the same price.


Hi Dr. Purl - First off, nice website! I'm a fellow Sock Warrior and wanted to find out if you're still playing. There are a lot of people who are MIA, and for the moment that's what you're listed as. I hope you're secretly knitting to off your target (CelticDragon) because she's getting cocky and thinking she's invincible :) Check back into the forum if you haven't looked at it in a while:

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