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Awesome, I haven't given up on my socks either, I think its time to watch the video again and get those needles rolling. I have heard that once you complete a pair that you become "sock addicted". Once I finish these 2 purses on have OTN's I will get back to the sock, I want to feel the sock curse too!


I just started my first sock this last weekend. This weekend I learn "THE HEEL". So, seeing yours and your newly started one.. INSPIRATION!


Congrats on finishing your socks!!! What a great feeling huh? They look really good too. And I'm liking that new sock you started. I esp like that kitty you used as a model for the sock!! So squishy!!
BTW thanks for stopping by!


Well since you are the sock knitting maniac now, I found this today...

Amy Lu

I'm glad you like socks now. :o)

After a few pair like this, maybe you'll want to try the short row heel again. Maybe not.

Either way, your socks look great. Is that the yarn you got at Bahr Creek? I really like the colorway.


Great socks! I'm working on my first pair right now... I hope mine are are successful as yours! :0)

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