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Secret Pal

Sounds very familiar. I have started so many projects then stop . . . then their are times that I can't even knit. So you joined the Sexy Knitters Club, you will have to tell how it is. I'm off the line till Wednesday next week, vacation, I have been working 10-12 hour days and organizing other sites and getting them. So I have decided to relax and spend some time with the kids. I'm putting a package together for you :) Check out the mail next week. SP


I want to get a bike also. As far as getting a weekend away without the kids-good luck! We get a chance here and there for that, and it's sooo nice when it does happen.


Don't worry Amy, you'll get your knitting mojo back. BTW thanks for commenting on my blog. I dont have an email for you so this was the only way to thank you. I didnt realize that new Knitty Gritty shows would be starting so soon!! LOVE that program and Vicky reminds me SO much of my sil.

Nic (SP8)

Those slumps suck. I also hate the slump when you have several projects half done and dont feel like working on any of them. You'll find something fun and new soon Im sure!

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